How to Install ThunderZap Kernel on QMobile Noir A10?

Before you Start

1) You need a Rooted Noir A10 with CWM Recovery installed.

2) You also need to be on an ICS ROM as ThunderZap doesn’t have jellybean support yet.

Installation Procedure

1) Download this CWM Flashable ZIP.


2) Transfer it to the Root of your SD Card.

3) Reboot into CWM Recovery.

4) Select Install ZIP from SD Card.

5) Choose the KernelFlasher Zip.

6) Done! New Kernel has been flashed!

7) Now Reboot your phone.

Stay Tuned

=> for overclocking and swap tutorials on ThunderZap Kernel.


QMobile Noir A10 Stock ROM [CWM Flashable][ICS v4.0.4]

I was searching around the Noir A10 help threads on various forums and realized a very serious problem. No one had uploaded Noir A10’s stock ROM! Now if in case a user wants to revert back to the stock ROM because he doesn’t like the custom one or has to sell the mobile back in warranty, he would need a copy of the stock ROM.

Some advanced users back up their stock ROM before upgrading to a custom one, but android users who are new to rooting usually forget to backup their ROM in the first place.

That is why I have made a CWM Flashable ZIP of the Stock ROM so the users can revert back to the stock ROM anytime. I took a nandroid backup of my stock ROM using CWM Recovery and then converted it into a CWM Flashable ZIP using an updater script.

Noir A10 - Stock ROM Screenshots

Noir A10 – Stock ROM Screenshots

File Size: 360MB

Download Link:


How to Install?

1) Download the .zip file and put it in the root of your SD Card.

2) Boot into CWM Recovery.

3) Install ZIP from SD Card.

4) Wipe User Data.

5) Wipe Cache.

6) Wipe Dalvik Cache.

7) Reboot.

XDA Link: