How to Install ThunderZap Kernel on QMobile Noir A10?

Before you Start

1) You need a Rooted Noir A10 with CWM Recovery installed.

2) You also need to be on an ICS ROM as ThunderZap doesn’t have jellybean support yet.

Installation Procedure

1) Download this CWM Flashable ZIP.


2) Transfer it to the Root of your SD Card.

3) Reboot into CWM Recovery.

4) Select Install ZIP from SD Card.

5) Choose the KernelFlasher Zip.

6) Done! New Kernel has been flashed!

7) Now Reboot your phone.

Stay Tuned

=> for overclocking and swap tutorials on ThunderZap Kernel.


How to Install CWM Recovery on QMobile Noir A10?

CWM Recovery, also known as ClockworkMod Recovery, is the best and most popular custom recovery in the Android market. It has a lot of benefits such as being able to flash unsigned zip files (files not having signatures).

Installation Procedure

1) Download ClockworkMod Recovery.

v6.0.1.2 (Stable)

v6.0.2.7 (Beta v1 with Sideload support)(Unstable)
– Touch inputs do not work, neither does USB Storage Mount.

2) Double-check that the file is named “recovery.img”

3) Connect Noir A10 to your PC and transfer this file to the Root of your SD Card.

4) Now go to Play Store and download the Mobileuncle MTK Tools application.

5) Open the App and select the Recovery Update option.

6) Now select the recovery.img file from the top. (Normally MTK Tools should detect it in the first place. But if it asks for the exact path where recovery.img is stored, then enter it).

7) It’ll ask conformation for flashing. Select OK.

Noir A10

8) Then it’ll ask if you want to boot into recovery mode. That’s up to you for now.

However if you want to boot into recovery mode later, follow these instructions.

How to boot into Recovery?

1) Switch off your phone.

2) Press and hold down the Vol UP, Vol Down and Power buttons at the same time till the mobile lights up.

3) Now press the Volume UP button one time to boot into recovery.